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Who is M-PACT?

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M-PACT 4Step
Collaboration to help you

Who is M-PACT?

M-PACT Mission

To help clients that operate nationally, internationally and remote in virtual organizations increase their winning and success chances through expert support and collaboration
over all stages of business development and project management.


The M-PACT multi-national consulting team is made up of highly qualified and skilled business development, sales, bid management, consulting and project management professionals and is managed by two very experienced and knowledgeable business development managers each with over 30 years of experience.

The M-PACT professional consultants are specialists in all aspects of industry, business development and project management and can be called upon to act in M-PACT managed projects and customer business opportunities. All M-PACT consultants are skilled in multiple languages such as in the key international business language, English, as well as German and other languages.

M-PACT 4Step

Collaboration to help you.

The four Steps of the M-PACT 4Step collaboration model.

The many years of sales, bid and consulting experience gained by the two M-PACT founding partners and the need they identified to help clients in a structured and efficient way led to the collaboration model named M-PACT 4Step

M-PACT 4Step collaboration model to help you win more business.

M-PACT 4Step Collaboration to help you.

M-PACT 4Step model is based on the M-PACT best practices that were developed by the partners over many years and gives M-PACT the ability to establish the real needs of a client and then to recommend what action and collaboration steps should be taken to satisfy those needs. M-PACT will provide help to clients in the short term and help change the client’s Business Development process to give them the best return on their investment and the best success results in the long-term.

The four steps are:

The M-PACT objective, guided by the principles of the M-PACT 4Step model, is to support and manage the client’s business opportunities by guiding the interaction, communication and collaboration with their customers, driving the creation of bids that have the best winning chances and, if required, the management success of the fulfilment and technical project, the specification of advanced and future-proof technical solutions and the efficient successful implementation thereof at the customer.


Situation analysis to ascertain where M-PACT help is needed


What actions are deemed necessary such as training, consulting or services


Take the recommended actions


Work in collaboration with the client to enable short-term gains and long-term, on-going success