Business Development


M-PACT Helps you improve your BD process and win more business.

Business development (BD) is primarily sales activities (including capture), bid management as well as fulfilment and project management.

You are concerened with the ratio of the opportunities you have won against the number of bids you have submitted (win rate) and/or the opportunities you have won are of lower value and you have lost the higher-value opportunities (capture rate). On the other hand, if your company wants or plans to expand and win more business opportunities.

Whatever your goal in wanting to develop and increase the success of your business be it a product, solution or service offering M-PACT helps you improve your BD and win more business.

M-PACT 4Step

Collaboration to help you win.

M-PACT 4Step -Collaboration to help you win.

M-PACT has a professional approach, the “M-PACT 4Step” model, that will ascertain what areas need help for you to develop your business and the effectiveness of your BD process and so increase your winning chances.

M-PACT will also help you develop your business by positioning your organization to capture competitive opportunities more effectively and consistently.